Fallbrook is not fireproof — let’s make it fire safe!

Wildfire Evacuation Checklist

Have an evacuation plan:

  1. Familiarize yourself with evacuation routes (from Fallbrook for example)
    • North – DeLuz Rd. to Temecula
    • South – S. Mission Rd. or Olive Hill Rd. to Hwy 76
    • East – E. Mission Rd. or Reche Rd. to I-15
    • West – Ammunition Rd. thru Naval Weapons Station/ Camp Pendleton
  2. Have a rendezvous point to meet family members and others.

Make a “To Go” Kit – the “Eight P’s”:

  1. People & Pets
    • Medical Apparatuses, sanitizers, mask, etc.
    • Extra food and meds for pets
  2. Papers, Phone numbers, documents
  3. Prescriptions, vitamins, eyeglasses
  4. Pictures & irreplaceable memorabilia
  5. Personal computers (information on hard drive)
  6. “Plastic”, i.e.  credit cards, ATM cards, health provider cards and cash
  7. Personal & comfort items, i.e.  extra clothing, toiletries, pillows/bedding, etc.
  8. Provisions, i.e.  food, snacks, water, etc.

Prepare your Home:

  1. Inside:
    • Shut all windows and doors.
    • Lock exterior doors.
    • Leave your lights on so firefighters can see your house under smokey conditions.
    • IF YOU HAVE TIME CONSIDER:Shut off gas at meter, turn pilot lights off.Shut off air conditioner.
  2. Outside:
    • Gather up flammable items and bring them inside the house of garage, i.e trash cans, patio furniture, garden hoses, etc.
    • DON’T leave water on or running.
    • Turn off propane tanks.
    • Walk around the house to double check all of the above
    • TIME PERMITTING, use fire-resistant materials (plywood) to cover up vulnerable areas on house, i.e. windows, vents, doggie doors, etc.


  1. Don’t wait to be told to leave, LEAVE EARLY — Leaving early makes it safer for you, your property and First Responders.
  2. Egress AWAY from fire.
  3. Follow evacuation enforcement agency’s directives. 


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